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Mistake #2: Relying on a storage unit.
There are times when renting a space to stash your stuff is necessary (maybe you're temporarily relocating, or you just need a spot for your canoe all winter). Still, many people never go back to access their items, Lowenheim says. A 2017 study by the Self Storage Association found that almost 10 percent of U.S. households rent a storage unit, at an average cost of about $90 a month, (though it varies depending on how big the unit is, and what part of the country it's in). Yet 15 percent of people who rent units say they're storing items they no longer need or want. Before you make another payment on your space, consider if those folding chairs, baby clothes, old Christmas ornaments and tennis racquets are worth the nearly $1,100 a year you might be paying for someone else to store them.