Nate and Oprah

According to decorator Nate Berkus, many people stop decorating before dealing with the most important part: accessorizing. Dressers, bookshelves, and mantles all become more beautiful with a bit of attention.

Dress up your dresser! Using two matching lamps creates balance and symmetry. Candles in reflective glass add a romantic glow—just be sure that you don't mix scents!

Don't leave your lotions and potions on your dresser; face cream just doesn't pass as décor! Instead, keep what you need nearby, but hidden. Pretty boxes and baskets keep trinkets and treats out of sight.

Unless you have a library, don't fill your bookshelves entirely with books. Instead, break the books up with interesting items. Try objects from your travels, mismatched picture frames, or a collection of something you love.

Nate isn't a fan of keeping family photographs on the fireplace mantle. Instead, he likes to hang a large mirror and flank it with ivory candles. They look beautiful and elegant inside clear glass vases.

Nate likes to bring some nature into the home. He suggests anchoring candles into a glass vase filled with sand or rocks (depending on the season). It's a subtle but effective way to update your room's look.