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Beware the Sheet Avalanche
We've all shoved things in the hall closet when guests are coming over, just wanting to get the clutter out of sight...and who's going to look in there, anyway? Actually, Sloane says, people searching for powder rooms do open doors—and linen closets are a typical target. The last thing Sloane wants them to see is an avalanche of towels and sheets, so she advises homeowners to keep everything in neat stacks. (An added benefit is that you won't later be the victim of a linen shower.) The right distance between shelves can make a big difference: Towel shelves should be about 14 inches high; for sheets, about 10 inches should be sufficient (this video shows you how to fold fitted sheets neatly). Sloane likes to leave a bar of her favorite soap in the closet to lightly perfume linens; you can also use a sachet.