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Mistake No. 6: Vacuuming Up Cat Hair
If you have a pet that sheds, you're probably accustomed to rolling a lint brush over your clothes and furniture daily. But if you've been taking a vacuum to your hardwood floors in an attempt to rid them of hair, chances are you're just blowing the mess around instead of picking it up. Jennifer Coates, a licensed veterinarian and contributor to who once owned five dogs and four cats, says the vacuum's exhaust tends to push as much hair away as it cleans up. On wood and other hard floors, she says, use a big electrostatic mop (like Carlisle's Microfiber Dry Mop Pad), which won't create a lot of wind, so you can push the hair into a big pile. Then, pull out the vacuum—but use the wand attachment—to suck it up. You can also use the vacuum to clean the mop itself, or just toss it into the washing machine.

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