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Mistake No. 4: Using an Abrasive Cleaner on Your Bathtub
Steven Natale, owner of Staten Island, New York, bathroom repair and refinishing service Al & Dave & Son, says the reason many tubs lose their luster is they've been scrubbed with cleansers that have granulated powders, like Comet and Ajax. They scuff the porcelain and take the glaze off. Instead, he advises, use a mild shower spray like Scrubbing Bubbles. Natale knows one woman whose tub he reglazed 17 years ago—and it's still spotless and shiny. She sprays the surface daily with the nonabrasive cleanser and (although the directions say you don't need to) rinses it off and wipes it dry 10 minutes later. If you'd rather not spray every day, do what Natale does at home: He just runs a bath towel—a dry rag would work too—over the tub after he showers and the water has drained, since, he says, simply drying the tub is enough to prevent scum.