The summer will soon be drawing to an end, and that means it will be getting darker earlier. This means that burglars intent on stealing your stuff get to start their workday all that much earlier! To thwart those plans, go around your property and look for potential entry points.

For instance, if you have a lot of shrubbery in the front of your home, it can provide a burglar cover to break in. Trim back the bushes to keep the entry point exposed. Replace some existing landscaping with plants that have thorns for a natural way to prevent burglary. 

Some lights around the property should be placed on motion sensors so they will come on to provide safety when you return home, and also help scare away anyone who doesn't belong there. For other home lighting ideas that add safety and security, check out The Money Pit's Exterior Lighting Guide.

Make sure the doors to your home have secure locking systems, and never give the key to your home when leaving car keys anywhere, such as a repair shop, car wash, valet, etc. You will never know if someone makes a copy, so play it smart.
If you have travel plans, burglar-proof your home by making sure you stop newspaper delivery and asking a neighbor to get the mail and any packages that might be delivered in your absence. 

If you can afford to do so, have an alarm system installed that will also monitor fire and carbon monoxide in the home to keep you safe on all levels.

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