Add this to your buy-in-bulk list: a stylish little notebook, with a pebbled faux-leather cover, that costs less than a pack of gum. 

HomeGoods; 800-614-4663 for stores


The real wonder of these Alice-themed pulp-board coasters isn't the old-fashioned drawings or the price (for a set of 12!); it's the message they telegraph: "Drink me."


$5 each
A postcard may not seem like much, but once you've stitched on a sentimental journey (honeymoon road trip, perhaps?), it becomes instantly frame-worthy. 

Sweet Bella;
Playing cards


Practice your poker face with 52 classic falsehoods in Umbra's Pack of Lies playing-card deck. Some of the lines ("It's delicious, I'm just not that hungry.") seem especially apropos this time of year. 

Battaglia's Home; 201-798-1122
Elephant tray


Combining a veritable sampler of patterns and a color palette that feels simultaneously modern and nostalgic, Ikea's laminated-cardboard tray costs, yes, mere peanuts. 

13 by 13 inches;
Glass stemware


$7 each
With stemware this beautiful, even convenience-store bubbly is elevated to toast-worthy status. Priced like plastic, but made from vivid jewel-toned glass, these elegant vessels belie their chain-store accessibility.
Alarm clocks

$9.50 each
There's something to be said for an object that looks like a cartoon version of itself. These small, colorful windup alarm clocks from Pearl River Mart pack an iconic-design wallop, while also, you know, actually waking you up in the morning.

3.25 inches tall;
Jute placemat

A graceful graphic outline refines a rough-around-the-edges jute placemat; the border acts as a sly frame for culinary masterpieces.

Glass magnets

$11 each
Fringe's glass transferware magnets recall chandelier prisms—a glamorous upgrade for any refrigerator note.
Ceramic toast dish

Have a dry-humored mother-in-law? Try buttering her up with Fred & Friends's ceramic toast dish.
Gingerbread man cookie cutters

A trio of clever cookie cutters underscores the life-and-limb perils of being a delicious gingerbread man.
Melamine tray

John Derian's sometimes-dark, always-beautiful, nature-themed trays go melamine (and, thus, affordable) in his new collection for Target. 

9 by 12 inches;
Pocket mirror

A monogrammed brass pocket mirror suggests forethought (even if you picked it up on the fly) and comes with its own embroidered linen pouch.
White glass candlesticks

As if the slender, universally appealing shape of these white glass candlesticks wasn't enough, they're also hand-blown—and this low price is for all three. for stores
Bone china perfume bottle

The rare gift that might excite both your grandmother and your teenage daughter, this bone china perfume bottle could also hold bath salts or a stash of paper clips.
Oprah ornament

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