White wine on ice

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Put It on Ice
"I'm a big fan of never letting anyone's glass go empty, which is why people like to come to my house," jokes Heather Christo, a chef and entertaining expert, "but there's nothing worse than scrambling because the drinks are warm." Whether you've forgotten to chill the wine the night before, or whether your fridge is simply overflowing with food, ice is going to be your best friend—and sending the early arrivals out for an extra bag is a good way to keep them out of your hair. "There's never enough ice," Christo says. "If you've run out of space in the sink or don't have room for a bowl on the counter, stick the ice in the washing machine. It's empty, and when it melts, who cares? It'll just drain out. If you live in a cold climate, you can just store the drinks outside."