Nate Berkus opens the IKEA Ekholmen Mirrored Cabinet.

Designer Nate Berkus teamed up with The Oprah Show to find innovative products that save space without sacrificing style. Don't waste another square foot!

IKEA® Ekholmen Mirrored Cabinet
Sick of looking at unsightly cosmetics? Hide your beauty products in this decorative mirror from IKEA. It may look like an everyday mirror, but behind four panels, there are small spaces for your perfume, lotion, nail polish and more.

The Ekholmen Mirrored Cabinet costs $119. Available only at IKEA stores. For more information, call 800-434-IKEA or visit
Nate shows Oprah how to use Off the Wall Beds's Hidden Bed.

Off the Wall Beds's Hidden Bed
If you're torn between having a home office and a having a place for guests to sleep, now you don't have to choose. This product is a wooden desk by day and a bed by night! You don't even have to clear off your workspace to complete the transformation.

"It's a great solution because it literally takes up no space," Nate says.

The Hidden Bed costs $2,399. Visit
Nate demonstrates the Akemi Tanaka Tagei and Futaba Coffee Tables.

Akemi Tanaka Tagei and Futaba Coffee Tables
There's nothing chic about a metal folding chair. If you need extra seating, these coffee tables by Akemi Tanaka are a stylish solution. The Tagei coffee table—which means versatility in Japanese—pulls out into a bench. The Futaba table transforms into a green love seat.

The Akemi Tanaka Tagei coffee table is $4,000 and the Futaba coffee table is $4,750. Available at Ford Brady gallery in Los Angeles. The Futaba is also available on Visit for more information.
Nate reveals the inside of an IKEA Cyril Secretary.

IKEA® Cyril Secretary
This inventive IKEA item starts out looking like a white cabinet. Then, when it's time to get to work, it opens up into an efficient home office, complete with a CD drawer and adjustable shelves.

The IKEA Cyril Secretary costs $199. Call 800-434-IKEA or visit
Nate opens frosted sliding doors by The Sliding Door Co.

Sliding Doors by The Sliding Door Co.
Nate says sliding doors are a great way to save a square foot or two. Doors that fit into the wall won't require room to open and close. These frosted glass doors are also a beautiful design element, allowing ambient light to filter into any room.

These custom sliding doors, by The Sliding Door Co., vary in price. Visit for style and price information.
JCPenney's Leather Armless Chair with Hidden Storage

JCPenney's Leather Armless Chair with Hidden Storage
Your remote controls, magazines and books will be at arm's reach in this cappuccino leather chair from JCPenney. This stylish seat has a built-in drawer that slides out for easy access.

The JCPenney Leather Armless Chair with Hidden Storage costs $299. Call 800-222-6161 or visit
Julia West Coffee Table/Desk

Julia West Coffee Table/Desk
You don't have to leave the comfort of your couch to work from home. Just lift up the top of this Julia West coffee table to reveal a desk with plenty of storage for office supplies. You can also hide magazines, DVDs or children's toys inside. "I think this is a fantastic product," Nate says.

The Julia West Coffee Table/Desk costs $1,599. Visit
Nate transforms the Cineline Dressing Table into a dining table.

Cineline Dressing Table
Save valuable space with the Cineline Dressing Table, designed exclusively for Ligne Roset. The top of this table slides out to create two times the counter space. The extra surface can be used as a desktop or a dining table for two.

Nate says space-saving solutions aren't just for people living in small homes. "I think even people who have big spaces [could use them]," he says. "Something that does double duty is a great solution, so why not?"

The Cineline Dressing Table costs $3,665. Visit for finish options.
Hidden Television Mirror

Hidden Television Mirror
One of Oprah's pet peeves is walking into a house and seeing televisions everywhere. The company Hidden Television came up with the ideal solution. Now, you can hide your plasma behind a beautiful mirror. Simply mount the mirror in front of the TV, either in a frame or directly into the wall. Then, with the click of a button, the mirrored surface will fade away to reveal the television screen behind it.

The Hidden Television Mirror varies in prices, depending on size. Visit

IKEA Fusion Table and Chairs

IKEA® Fusion Table and Chairs
Don't cram a large dining table into your tiny kitchen. This IKEA piece comes with four chairs that are shaped to hug the corners of the table. When they're pushed in, there's no wasted space! "The whole family can eat here," Nate says.

The IKEA Fusion Table and Chairs costs $299. Call 800-434-IKEA or visit
Jofran Cocktail Table with Storage Ottoman

Jofran Cocktail Table with Storage Ottoman
Need extra seating and extra storage? The Jofran Cocktail Table comes with two storage ottomans nestled underneath. These microfiber ottomans open up to reveal additional space for blankets, video games or children's toys. Nate says the lids are light enough for little fingers to open and close with ease.

The Jofran Cocktail Table costs $398. Visit
Marie Galante Dressing Table

Marie Galante Dressing Table
Transform your bedroom into a boudoir with this handmade trunk, which opens to reveal a dressing table with seven drawers, a mirror and two concealed compartments. The 19th-century design is made from rosewood and canvas.

The Marie Galante Dressing Table costs $2,450. Visit
Ballard Designs Upholstered Folding Chair

Upholstered Folding Chair
Don't condemn your guests to a night of stiff backs and sore rears. Trade in your old folding chairs for the upholstered, padded chairs by Ballard Designs. "Nice for a dinner party," Oprah says.

One Upholstered Folding Chair costs $199. Visit
Nate folds down the Library Bed from the bookshelf.

Off the Wall Beds's Library Bed
Hidden behind this cherry bookshelf is a queen-sized Library Bed. Just fold back the middle compartments of the shelving unit and pull the bed down. There's even room to hang a framed painting above the bed. Perfect for houseguests or people living in one-room apartments.

The Library Bed costs $5,899. Visit
Tapered Leg Side Table from West Elm

Tapered Leg Side Table
West Elm's Tapered Leg Side Table has a pullout writing drawer and a bottom shelf for bedside necessities.

The table costs $199. Visit for more information.
Cosmos 5 Light Fixture by Lucky Luke Design

Cosmos 5 Light Fixture
The Cosmos 5 light fixture costs $250. Visit
Additional ideas for small-space dwellers.

Additional Solutions
If there's still not enough room for you and your family, try these other space-saving products:

  • Kyle Cubes from Bloomingdale's Home and Furniture Store; $325 each
  • Louis Folding Chairs by Ballard Designs; $119 each at

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