yellow and black paint colors for room

Photo: Francis Amiand

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Use Bold Colors

Unpopular with Decorators
You always hear that white, pale gray, and cream-colored walls make a room look bigger and that they are colors you never tire of. So interior decorators neglect the more intense colors. This is a mistake. In the right amount, flashy colors can give a room character at no great expense. You don’t need to move the walls, or invest in expensive furniture or works of art. All you need is a few cans of paint and some brushes and rollers, and you can change everything.

Black, The Decorators' Dark Horse
Black is a color that is often ignored. Yet black can provide warmth, set something off, or provide a wonderful backdrop for artworks, pictures, a view. . . . I use black to cover a wall, or put bands of black around a wall to form a frame, and sometimes around a window opening. I also like using black to transform parquet flooring.

White is Now!
White is purity. And it’s all the more luminous when set off against black or some other strong color, just the way lipstick sets off your skin color.