Living room lighting

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Lighting That Finishes the Room
The difference between those polished living rooms in magazines and yours? "Count the lights—the ones you see in magazines usually have at least three," Myles says. Most people only have one; creating shadowy areas that make those corners seem neglected. To even things out, make sure you have a ceiling light, floor lamp and at least one table lamp. "The amount of light, and the styles you choose, set the vibe for the whole room," Myles explains. Sculptural styles can double as art, like a capiz-shell chandelier or a series of white Chinese paper lanterns in varying sizes. When it comes to table lamps, skip the overdone candlestick style (think: Beauty and the Beast's Lumière wearing a lampshade hat) in favor of something more up-and-coming: Try a blown glass, wood or mercury glass base, and choose a shade that's one-third to half the size of the lamp to balance it out.