Photo: Courtesy of RH, Restoration Hardware

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The Grown-Up Rug That Ties Everything Together
It's tempting to stick to buying the least expensive rugs possible—after all, you will be walking all over it, and spills are inevitable—but consider this: Few things cover as much square footage, so a rug that resembles bowling-alley carpeting will only make the whole room look chintzier. O's creative director Adam Glassman loves Restoration Hardware's new RH Rugs line, which features the kinds of high-end looks you'd see in design magazines, minus the five-digit price tags. Look for a size that's longer than the sofa and covers about two-thirds of the floor, so that the front legs of all of the furniture can rest on the rug, if not all four. And, if you need a style that's easy to clean, try a flat-weave style, like RH Rugs' Moroccan Tile or Pinstripe designs.