• Don't clutter your entryways with bulky objects like dressers and hutches.
  • Don't clutter your entryway with too many loose, small odds and ends.
  • Don't place items that can be easily knocked over on shelves without protection.
  • Don't use organizing feature like hat racks, umbrella bins, jacket trees or show cubbies that don't get used, don't add to style or could be substituted for smaller options.
  • Don't stop thinking of how you can personalize your entryway to set the stage for the rest of the home.

  • Focus on convenience for your guests and provide for it in the right details.
  • Incorporate easy-to-spot, condensed or multifunctional organizing spaces for items like shoes, coats and hats.
  • Use décor and comforting flourishes to tempt guests to linger in the entryway.
  • Find lighting that complements your space and design style.

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