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Tame Your Trunk
Watch the throne, Grumpy Cat—blogger Heidi Castro's minivan could be the next viral star. Okay, that may be a teeny bit of an exaggeration, but Castro's so used to being stopped and quizzed about her organization strategies while loading groceries that she posted a guide on her blog, The Castro Family Happynings, and images of her trunk are repinned endlessly on Pinterest.

You may not need Castro's level of organization, but her trunk illustrates a few key pointers for keeping things in order. If you need as much floor space as possible, you could try attaching plastic organizers to the backs of the seats, like she did. Or, if your biggest problem is items that jumble together everywhere, try using a multiple-compartment, collapsible bin. Velcro attached to the bottom can help keep it from sliding around.From there, consider giving yourself a "two weeks" rule: If it's not part of your emergency kit and you haven't used it in 14 days, it needs to exit the vehicle.

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