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Turn Your Door Pocket into an On-the-Go Cleaning Station
If the cup holder is the car's junk drawer, that little storage slot on each door is a mini Dumpster. It's just so convenient for stashing junk mail and half-full soda bottles while you're on the road. The problem? The trash rarely gets emptied, until it's overfull. Or stinky. That trash nook doesn't have to be reinvented; just streamlined. An empty cleaning-wipes tube can be filled with plastic grocery bags so you can easily grab one, collect any loose garbage in your car, and toss it after you've parked. This pocket can also be a great place to stash a few reusable shopping bags. (I've found it much easier to remember to take them with me into the store when they're right in my line of vision as I'm getting out of the car.)