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Plug the Quarter- and French Fry-Eating Hole
For the most part, you probably don't think about that gap between your seat and the center console—until you round a corner and swoosh! Your cell phone slides down, trapped in a space too narrow for your fingers to easily grab it. While we're apt to immediately retrieve our iPhones—though please, resist the urge to lunge for fallen items while driving (distractions like this were responsible for 3,331 deaths in 2011, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation)—certain items tend to nest there indefinitely: crumpled gum wrappers, pens "borrowed" from the bank, the loose change you're always hunting for when you reach a toll. After you've taken a few minutes to clear everything out, the next step is to close the gap.

A foam seal used for insulating a window air conditioning unit can be trimmed to fill the space, though it may shuffle or fall if you readjust the seat. Another alternative is the Drop Stop. This neoprene wedge has a slot that fits around the seatbelt buckle, and it moves with the seat, so it won't become the gap's newest victim if you need to move forward a few inches.