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Make Space for Reflection
Chan says as we move into winter, we should consider making our spaces more yin (it's more muted than the brighter and bolder yang): December, January and February are quieter, darker months that invite us to do more contemplative, maybe even meditative, activities at home. To help foster this feeling, try setting up a quiet place where you can spend time looking inward. If you can, choose a room with fewer windows (if your only option is a bright room, use window treatments to darken the room). And if there are hardwood floors, add an area rug to soften the space. To focus your attention, you can ring a bell or small cymbals and add a grounding scent, such as a frankincense or sandalwood candle. Lastly, Chan advises having a focal point in the room, such as an altar with items that are important to you placed on it, whether a stone you found on a special trip or a card with a quote you love.