Jaclyn Smith

Best known as one of the original crime-fighting sirens in Charlie's Angels, Jaclyn Smith has been turning heads for over 30 years. Her classic style is now a fashion empire—50 million have donned her stylish and affordable lines for Kmart. But home is where the heart is for Jacyln, and she says that your home can look as sophisticated as hers for a whole lot less.

Jaclyn has a special makeover assignment: Jill, mother of 5-year-old triplets, wrote into The Oprah Show with a decorating dilemma. She and her husband built their dream home years ago, but they haven't been able to afford to finish the living room. This is definitely a job for Jaclyn!
Jaclyn and Jill

For two days, Jaclyn and her team painted and scrubbed and hammered the empty room into shape.

"It's gorgeous!" says Jill. "It's wow. It's fabulous. It's such a great room to just sit down. And the furniture is just perfect. You melt into it and you can enjoy it with your friends and your family."

See how Jaclyn worked her magic…
The living room 'before'

Now Jill is ready to share her design dreams with Jaclyn. What does she have in mind for this big, bare space? "I want this room to be another place to welcome our friends—to welcome my children's friends…I love natural colors—browns, taupes, blacks."

"Is there anything we can't do?" asks Jaclyn.

"No," Jill answers, "You can change anything you want."
The living room 'after'

After two days of nonstop work for Jaclyn and her team, it's time for the big reveal. "Oh, Jaclyn," cries Jill, "It is gorgeous!"

Jaclyn points out that the coffee table costs only $300 and the sofa is $1200—amazing prices for those pieces.
Jaclyn's chair

One of Jill's favorite pieces is this chair and she's delighted to find out is a replica of an antique that Jaclyn has in her own living room. "I love it even more now," Jill says. "Every time I sit here I'll feel like a movie star!"
The entertainment center

The grand total for an entire room of fabulous furniture? Under $10,000! "When I look at the entertainment center alone," Jill says, "that looks like it could have cost $10,000."
The children's artwork

Jaclyn found an inexpensive way to add accessories by using some of Jill's favorite thingsthe children's artwork.

"That is so important to me," Jill says. "Every room that we have there are pictures of the kids everywhere." Jaclyn agrees: "They are more valuable than Picasso."
Jill and Chris

Jill and her husband Chris couldn't be more thrilled with their new room. "It's such a great room to just sit down," explains Jill. "The furniture is perfect. You just melt into it…it's not too firm; it's not too soft."

"It's a true living room," says Chris. "I was worried that Jill was going to get some furniture and me and the kids were going to be off-limits. But we use it…we love it!"

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