Russell Crowe's magnificent Australian ranch

Russell Crowe's farm holds a special place in his heart. "My family's been running this property now for eight years."
Actor Russell Crowe works on his ranch.

When Russell is home on his 1400-acre Australian ranch, even Sunday is a workday. Russell has over 500 cows roaming his sprawling grounds.

"Not a bad life really [for a bull]," says Russell. "He's got 30 young ladies and no competition."
Russell Crowe down on the farm in Australia.

Some of the animals need his personal care, like a calf that lost his mom or a working dog whose leg was broken by a young bull.

Although he has to stretch before he climbs into a saddle, Russell Crowe can still climb an old Moreton Bay fig tree like a playful boy. "When you're a kid you can make little forts and stuff. And of course, the higher you can climb the more space your imagination has!"
Russell Crowe's cricket field

Years ago, Russell Crowe's brother was married in the small wooden chapel that Russell built on the ranch for personal contemplation. When he and Danielle Spencer began making plans for their own wedding, he knew he already had the perfect place. "I liked the idea about being married somewhere that you have a good relationship with," says Russell. "I don't think any place of dirt anywhere in the world means more to me than this."
The chapel where Russell and Danielle Spencer got married.

For his own wedding to actress and singer Danielle (Dani) Spencer, Russell Crowe added a 26-foot tall dome to the chapel inspired by the skyline of Rome and his visits to Paris.

"This is a great place. If we had gotten married in some chapel in Paris, it would be a big deal to go back to that place whereas this will be where we spent all our life together," says Russell. "Now we can host christenings and other marriages. Maybe my son's wedding...that would be interesting."
Inside Russell Crowe's personal chapel

The inside of Russell Crowe's chapel is breathtaking! With an eye for detail and a vision of romance, Russell made sure the stained glass window was strategically placed to capture the beauty of the sunlight streaming in...the moment they exchanged their vows. The chapel is circular to create "circles of friends"; the mosaic floor is from the second century A.D.