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The DIY Bench Everyone Will Think Is Designer
This project requires a little more effort, but it creates the sort of conversation piece you'll notice every time you walk through the door (or sit down to take off your shoes). In a guest post on, Etsy storeowner Janis Nicolay shows how to transfer a photo onto the top of a painted bench. The key is making sure that the photo is flipped—or mirrored—because you're essentially placing the picture facedown on a bench coated with a special solution to transfer the image onto the seat. (If you're not familiar with editing photos online, you may want to take the image to a photo-printing service to make sure that it is mirrored and cropped to the right size before printing.) After letting it sit overnight and rubbing off the paper photo the next day, you're left with only the imprint on the surface of the bench. It's kind of like applying a temporary tattoo, but on your furniture.

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