Hotel-inspired decor

Photo: Stovall Studio

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Go for the Most Drama in the Smallest Spaces
If all-white bathrooms read more "bland" than "spa-like" to you, steal this decorating idea from the model bathroom in the Solaris Residences in Vail, Colorado: Cover the walls in a low-contrast, nature-inspired wallpaper. Vertical patterns, like the Lee Jofa tree wallpaper the Solaris uses (you can find it at Anthropologie), emphasize the walls' height, making the ceilings look taller, explains designer Susan Moon. As long as the colors are all in similar, muted shades—think pale gray and blue, not sunshine-yellow and burnt orange—the room won't look busy and jarring. (The unconventional look pays off: the Solaris won Best Hotel in the U.S. in 2013 by The International Hotel Awards.)