Lance Boyd yellow and green living room

Photo: Laura Moss

Vibrant colors may seem overwhelming, but stylist Lance Boyd says they can make a space feel bigger. Here he uses a bold yellow sofa and framed artwork as complementary accents.
Suzanne and Lauren McGrath dining room

Photo: Lucas Allen

Designers Suzanne and Lauren McGrath put together this gorgeous dining room with buttery-yellow curtains and bold printed wallpaper. A white bench adds to the light, whimsical feel and provides extra seating for guests.
Cozy yellow room

Photo: William Waldron

Neutral furniture and accessories pair well with pale yellows while leather club chairs add a touch of luxury to a homey room.
Room with yellow rug by Lance Boyd

Design: Lance Boyd

Make a pop of color the central focus of a room—this yellow patterned rug is the perfect centerpiece.
Blue and gold dining room

Photo: Susan Serra CKD, Designer: Angela Min

Regal golds and blues work in combination to add grandeur to a small space.
Phoebe Howard's neutral room design

Photo: Josh Gibson, Design: Phoebe Howard

A warm color palate and clean, simple accessories help create an inviting space.
Oprah's Santa Barbara living room

Photo: Michel Arnaud, Styling: Carlos Mota

When it came time to remodel her Santa Barbara guest house, Oprah called upon the help of her hairdresser Andre Walker and his partner David Simmons to create a cozy and bright atmosphere. Floor-to-ceiling yellows and reupholstered chairs added a warm and sunny feel to the living room.
Oprah's Santa Barbara dining room

Photo: Michel Arnaud, Styling: Carlos Mota

The yellow theme extends into Oprah's guest dining room, where a country-inspired stripe motif was hand painted on the walls.
Oprah's Hawaiian home

Photo: Michel Arnaud, Styling: Carlos Mota

At her Hawaiian home, Oprah's dining room is full of rich yellows and crisp whites. Subtle patterns—like the striped dining chairs and gingham print curtains—create a sleek and finished look.

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