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Rule #9: It is 2014. Get Your Digital House in Order.
Clutter on your computer, smartphone, or tablet is almost as distracting as a mess in your living room. With these services, you can tidy all your devices right up.

Never again will your cute kitten-themed desktop wallpaper be hidden by unsightly icons. With Fences for Windows ($10; or Desktop Groups for Mac ($10;, you can sort icons into organized clusters on your desktop, which can be visible or hidden, so they're easy to find and easier on the eyes.

The photo management software Picasa (free; will scan your hard drive for pictures and help you sort them into albums by date, by place, or even by face. (It also syncs with Google+ for hassle-free sharing and other nifty features, including one that uses algorithms to identify the best shots.)

Keep track of your gazillion usernames and passwords with LastPass (free;, which securely stores log-in info for an unlimited number of websites. Install the program in your web browser, set up a master password and LastPass will remember the sign-in details for your favorite sites.
Rachel Swaby