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Rule #11: You Have Permission to Get Rid of...
  • That waffle-cone maker you once hoped would promote family togetherness.

  • Children's Tylenol...if your children are in grad school.

  • User manuals. Trust us, they're online. And by the way, so are takeout menus.

  • Your half-dozen paperweights. (Unless you work directly in front of a wind machine.)

  • Stuff you've bought from TV at 3 A.M. It's time to choose: You can have the Perfect Bacon Bowl or the ThighMaster, but not both.

  • The ice skates you've had since 1996—unless you're Michelle Kwan.

  • All those VHS tapes with every episode of Thirtysomething. It's time to admit it: Your VCR is DOA.

  • Gravy boat: Why? Fondue pot: Really? Potato masher: Fine. Potato mashers: Uh-uh. (If you are ever in a situation that requires multiple potato mashers, we say make a run for it.)