Royal Companion

Need a painting of your Maine coon in a Victorian gown? Call Sonya Palencia, the creator of Lord Truffles Royal Pet Portraits. Palencia has been depicting pets in elaborate period-accurate attire (from Elizabethan collars to jacquard vests) for more than five years. Her most memorable work? "George Clooney’s rescue cocker spaniel, Einstein," she says. "He had black, curly locks, so I painted him in proper baroque style—with his tongue sticking out." (From $700)

Photo: Dani Ives

Wild and Wooly

If you want a portrait as nuzzly as your Newfoundland, Dani Ives can deliver, with meticulously stitched, needle-felted portrayals she calls wool paintings. A former zoo conservation-education specialist, Ives crafts images so realistic, you expect them to bark. (From $280)

Photo: Cassa Studio

Sitting Image

Cassandra Fernandez started making rubber stamps three years ago, focusing on portraits of two-legged subjects before expanding her repertoire to include furry friends. After drawing your pet to your satisfaction, she carves a faithful likeness, so you can give a Paw McCartney seal of approval. (From $55)


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