A small garden can reap large rewards! Providing many of the same benefits as a garden of larger size, small gardens give their owners the chance to be outside and grow any number of flowers, fruits or vegetables with slightly less maintenance required.


  • Only one spot in the yard with enough sunlight throughout day
  • Not a large yard


  • Needs to be near a section that sees sunlight at least six hours a day


  • Depends on the condition of the soil. Tilling and pH testing prices can vary. If the soil is bad, you'll have to bring in soil and add fertilizer.
  • Small gardens require less tools; they mainly only need a shovel, pruners and a hose
  • Buying plants can be pricey, but starting your own plants, sharing with friends, starting small or participating in a plant swap can help cut costs; waiting until after Memorial Day is also helpful.
  • Embellishments can be pricey


  • Not as consuming as a large garden due to the size, but it still requires frequent pruning and weeding
  • Thorough watering takes 10 to 15 minutes a day; 20 to 30 minutes with a soaker hose

Ideal for...

  • Anyone who wants a creative outlet
  • Someone new to gardening
  • Those who don't have a large space in a yard to devote to a garden
  • Those looking to spend time outdoors
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