Windowsill gardens allow gourmet cooks and gardening enthusiasts the chance to grow herbs indoors. They require minimum work and produce tasty herbs at a fraction of the costs you find in stores. Herbs, however, aren't the only plants that can thrive in windowsills. Plenty of flowers can grow in these gardens too.
Types of containers

  • Should be anything at least 6 to 12 inches deep—you can even use old yogurt containers!
  • Multiple plants can be planted together in a wide, long container
  • Some gardening centers have pots specifically designed for window sills

  • Depends on windowsill or area
  • Could set up a table against a window for containers and create a makeshift sill


  • South- or west-facing windowsill, although some plants might do okay with a bright, north-facing window
  • South- or southeast-facing windows are ideal, as they produce at least five hours of sunlight and are away from drafts
  • Fluorescent lights can be used in lieu of a sunny window


  • Containers can be just about anything, as long as depth is sufficient
  • Seeds costs range, depending on variety
  • Soil-less potting mix is inexpensive
  • Fluorescent lights would need to be on 10 hours a day, which could be pricey


  • Takes about 20 minutes to plant
  • Water only sparingly if you choose to grow herbs!
  • Fertilize once a month

Ideal for

  • An activity to keep the kids busy
  • At-home gourmet
  • Saving money
  • Dried herbs can make wonderful decorations

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