Janet and Charlton sort through their bedroom clutter.

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Tip 3: Build intimacy.

When Peter sees Janet and Charlton's bedroom, he knows just what they need more of: intimacy. "When you are intimate, when your relationship is powering along, that will feed the rest of the house," he says.

With junk everywhere, Charlton says there's just no room to be romantic in the master bedroom. "You'd roll over onto a pile of clothes or a pile of toys and so we tried to take it to other rooms, but they were just as bad," he says. "There was no place to be us."

When asked what sort of bedroom they want, Janet says she'd like a romantic space, while Charlton wants a room that's just for him and his wife. Now that they have a shared vision, they can begin to declutter.

Peter tells the couple if they haven't used it in 12 months, it needs to go. That includes the dingy sweatpants Janet's been hanging onto since high school. "If it doesn't fit the vision you have for your space, it's got to go," Peter says.