Organize your bathroom.

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The Bathroom
Recent statistics suggest you spend close to five years of your life in the bathroom. What better reason to make your bathroom the kind of place where you want to spend time?

Quick Tips
Figure out the best zones. If the bathroom is shared, zones can be dictated by person instead of purpose. Give each person a section of storage or a bathroom caddy to keep in a cupboard or their room. Otherwise, use caddies or clear plastic bins to store like things together, such as medicines, haircare and cosmetics.

Keep flat surfaces clear. Cleanliness is extremely important in the bathroom. Steam, moisture and condensation promote mold and mildew. Add clutter and you have all the ingredients for an unhealthy and unsightly room.

Use vertical space. Install hooks or towel rods on the back of the bathroom door for towel storage. Purchase an over-the-toilet cabinet or install shelves to neatly store other bathroom items.

Purge unused products. If those mini shampoo bottles you brought back from vacation last year haven't been used, they never will be. Every six months, check what's in the bathroom and get rid of all bottles or tubes you haven't opened or used in that time.

Check expiration dates. Cosmetics and medications both have expirations dates. Make sure you aren't using them when they are no longer safe.