Organize your dining room.

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Organize a Dining Room
There's a dining area in every home, whether it's part of the kitchen or a separate area. Regardless, this is where you entertain, not where you store "I'll get to it later" clutter. If you use it for projects, clean up after yourself immediately.

Quick Dining Room Tips
Consider the dining room table sacred. Do not use this large, inviting surface as a catch-all.

Establish the zones. Keep the area free from clutter and also off-bounds to the television and other distractions that stop you from interacting fully with one another. All you need is a clear table and storage space for dishes, formal china and entertaining supplies.

Keep what you use close at hand. Take all the plates and dishes you own and spread them on the table. Do you need and use all of them? Gather matching flatware and glasses together. Discard any that you no longer like or use, as well as any that are chipped or damaged. Place the items you use most within reach. Store large serving platters or anything you use least often on the lowest or highest shelves toward the rear of the cupboard.

Linens and napkins. If possible, keep all your table linens, tablecloths and napkins in your dining room. Assign a drawer or shelf for linen sets so that anyone setting the table or putting things away can see where things belong.