A clever upgrade that any closet, big or small, can use: pull-out valet hooks. They take up minimal space but make getting dressed so much easier by displaying what you need and keeping it at-the-ready.

Take your shoe organizing to the next level by hanging boots with boot trees—they'll not only help the footwear keep their shape but, bonus, frees up the floor space beneath them for additional storage.

Keep your items in sight—and in use—by storing them where you can see them, whether with glass-topped cubbies or in clear plastic containers.

No toppling stack of handbags here. Clear dividers keep the unstructured ones upright, sorted and separated, allowing for easy access to individual purses.

Creating a custom-looking closet doesn't need to be expensive. Lisa's pro tip: Use towel rods to hang and organize scarves and ties.

Never underestimate the importance of good lighting in your dressing space. Whether you install backlighting or use battery-operated lights, you'll be able to find your favorite shirt in no time—and it sets a pleasant mood to start your day off right.

Photos from Closet Design Bible by Lisa Adams. Copyright © 2018 by Lisa Adams. Excerpted with permission by ORO Editions.