In this month's Make Me a Ten! makeover, organizing expert Peter Walsh whips a professional photographer's home office into shape. Here, he answers our questions on how to achieve a decluttered life.
O: Among your friends and family, have you always been "the organized one"?

Walsh: I'm one of seven children, and growing up we never had a lot. But my parents taught us to take care of the things we did haveā€”to respect our possessions. I was always an organized kid, but I think respect is the basis for the work I do.

O: Does organization come naturally to some people and not to others?

PW: People give time to what they think is important. Sometimes they say, "I don't feel organized" or "It doesn't come naturally to me," but if they look at things honestly, they'll realize that, really, they just can't be bothered to put in the time, or they don't think it's that important.

O: How do you help people make organization a priority?

PW: The best place to start is to ask: "What is your vision of your best life ?" If I can get people thinking and talking about what they want from life, they see how decluttering and organization can help them achieve that.

See how Walsh transformed a messy desk area into a workable home office


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