You don't always have to hit the furniture store to complete the look of a room—sometimes you just need to go "shopping" in your own home. "I actually just came home and thought to myself, 'The rug I have in my children's room really should be in their playroom, and the rug that's in the playroom should be in the kids' room,'" Catherine says. "Doing that one simple thing or changing the dynamic of the space just by moving things around can shift the energy and help you think about a whole other lot of possibilities."

It's easy to get stuck in a design rut, so Catherine says to think about what you really want the intention of each room to be. "We took the television out of our living room because it was ugly and there was no spot to really put it where it looks good, and it's become the place where we all sit to talk," she says. "You [might] think you could never have a living space without a TV—which is something I thought—but you actually can."


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