Before any stage can be dressed, you have to clear out what's left from the last production—so start decluttering! "If you want an environment in which your mind works clearly, in which you can discover yourself and who you are, you need to have a place for everything and everything in its place," she says.

Once you sift through the piles in your home, Catherine says your home décor immediately improves. "Space to think gives the greatest luxury, and then when you have that canvas and you're in that clear thinking space," she says. "You can actually see what you want to do."

It's not always easy, Catherine says, but the process is so worth it. "How can you enjoy your books if you don't have them up on a shelf and can see them—or put them on the coffee table? If they're all just in piles under your bed, that's nothing," she says. "How many toys can the kids play with? There's a limit, and so I think it's all about just kind of trying to clear it out and gives you a canvas to work in."


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