Colorful pillows

Credit: photograph by Douglas Friedman

"It's amazing what colorful pillows can do to a house. They're like permanently fresh flowers."

— Jonathan Adler
Green, yellow and blue pottery

Credit: photograph by Douglas Friedman

"There are great collections of green, yellow and blue American pottery from the 1940s and '50s. Bring in fresh flowers—roses, hydrangeas and peonies are all colorful."

— Andre Walker and David Simmons
A yellow headboard

Credit: photograph by Douglas Friedman

"I'm crazy about yellow, and I'm seeing more and more of it. People think 'color' and it scares them. But just do the headboard wall and you change the whole look."

— Christopher Coleman
A small colorful room

Credit: photograph by Michael Grimm

"When you have a tiny room, you're not fooling anybody by painting it white to look larger. Why not have a sense of humor and paint it a bright or deep color?"

— Leatrice Eiseman, color consultant
A touch of pale blue

Credit: photograph by Douglas Friedman

"For summertime, you want cool colors such as pale blue—or oranges and reds with a touch of blue to keep them cool."

— Mario Buatta
Oversize floor pillows

Credit: photograph by Gentl & Hyers

"Oversize floor pillows in vibrant organic shades like persimmon and saffron add punch and warm up a space that may be too cold during other times of the year."

— Kelly Wearstler
Small doses of intense sunset coral

"I love pale, icy blue with intense sunset coral for a summer color pop. Begin with lots of small doses of the colors—used throughout a room, they have a lot of impact."

— Jamie Drake