Hold your TV in an old amoire

Chris Madden suggests finding an old armoire to hold your TV set.

Cut a hole in the back for the cord or the back end of the TV. Then cover the insides of the armoire and doors with cotton matting and silk fabric.
Camouflage a large screen TV

To camouflage a large screen flat screen TV, you can create a sliding wall adorned with a large painting.

Create a freestanding wall out of three pieces of wood. Install closet tracking in front of the box for a fourth wall. Cover all walls with wallpaper, affix large painting to piece of wood on the closet tracking right underneath the trim. No will know the TV is there until you slide the wall to the side!
Hide a small TV set uder a table

Hide a small TV set under a table!

Take inexpensive, round, wood table. Hinge two pieces of wood to open and close underneath. Add a shelf for storage at the bottom.
Trim the table with fabric

Next, trim the table with the fabric of your choice, attach it to the table with a staple gun. Use a hot glue gun to add a ribbon trim.
A charming table

The finished product is a charming table!

Many old houses have large radiators under beautiful windows. Chris has a great idea to turn this wasted space into the warmest seat in the house!
Radiator cover

Construct a radiator cover out of two thick panels. The one in the front should have a little grating so the heat can escape. For additional decoration, add a trim to the wood.
Cover window

Here is the finished look!

Cover with window cushions to match your room decór and throw-pillows for a bohemian look.

You can also leave the bench uncovered and turn it into a mini greenhouse! Fill cookie pans with gravel or pebbles. Shallow water will keep your plants moist. This is great for growing orchids!