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Photo: Danae Horst

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The Easiest DIY Headboard Project Around (No Drill Required)

We've seen custom headboards out of books, pegboard and recycled wood pallets on Pinterest and blogs—but we've never seen a project this easy and affordable. In a Los Angeles home (as a part of a charity-design project with a budget of $5,000), interior stylists Faith Blakeney and Justina Blakeney—author of The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes—decided to skip buying a headboard and painted one instead. The designers cut a shape out of cardboard and used it as a stencil. No expert skills are required for this DIY project. Hold the cardboard up and fill in everything outside the outline with paint. If you're worried about symmetry, try working on one side of the wall first. Then flip the stencil over so you can perfectly mirror the outline. Coat the wall in a rich color, leaving the silhouette of the headboard in white. "Coral is known for restoring harmony and balance—we wanted to bring all of those traits into the bedrooms of these deserving women," Justina says. "We wanted the bedroom to feel like a coastal retreat."