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Photo: Patricia Goijens/ noglitternoglory.com

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The Broody Shade You Never Thought Would Work in Your Hallway

To redefine her hallway as more than just a passageway into her airy, white living room, No Glitter No Glory blogger Patricia Goijens painted it in a show-stopping hunter green. "The previous owner took out the French doors between the rooms, so the color helped us define the space better without the use of a wall or doors," Goijens says. It may sound counterintuitive, but the dark paint in a compact space actually makes the area seem larger. Painting the ceiling, doors, trim and crown molding in the same color as the walls added to the broadening effect. Abundant natural light in the adjacent living room keeps the hallway from feeling cavernous. The shade also helps highlight the colorful artwork and furniture that lines the corridor.