ombre painted stairs

Photo: Brittany Hayes

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The Staircase DIY That Instantly Completes a Room

Apply the ombré trend (shades fading from dark to light) that you're seeing on clothes, pillows, ceramics—and even cake—onto the stairs. The effect takes only a few hours to complete. This is a pared-down version of the DIY ombré wall, and it cuts out the tedious color-blending with a sponge and glaze. Since you're only painting a small section (each riser), you can stick to cheaper, sample-size pints of paint instead of gallons. Each pint can cover two to three risers, says Brittany Hayes, blogger at Addison's Wonderland. Use the paint swatch as a guide for how many pints of paint you'll need. Start from the bottom and work your way up from darkest to lightest. Hayes recommends using painter's tape to help you keep color within the lines. Run a strip of tape directly above and under the riser you're painting. The project takes approximately 6 to 8 hours.