Roses and tulips

More is More
Peach roses and parrot tulips are ravishing by themselves, but see what happens when you keep adding more colors in the same range—green-streaked amaryllis buds, coral and gold arbutus balls, spiky yellow nerines like rays of light—and set it all against a cool, dark background. It just glows, doesn't it?

Zinc vase, Dandelion. Pruning scissors, Takashimaya. Tablecloth, Sabira Collection.

A Vine Romance
White clematis, snowberries, and love-in-a-puff cavort in the large vase while bouquets of nerines and ranunculus look on from below.

"Vines add whimsy, lightness, and grace," says Chezar. "They're deceptively complicated-looking, but it's easy to wind one back around another flower or tuck it under the vase. A lot can be done with things clipped off the back fence."

Large vase, goblets, Jurliska. White vase, Limited Edition.
Bud vases, wineglasses, Roost. Pottery, Collection Regards. Silver candlesticks, Ted Muehling. Tablecloth, Sabira Collection.
Flower arrangement

Making Arrangements
  1. Rather than putting too many unrelated colors in the same arrangement (a common mistake), pick one color or two contrasting shades and play with them. (Chezar's favorite combinations include green and red, peach and silver, butter yellow and slate blue, orange and turquoise.)
  2. Don't stop at flowers—almost anything that grows is fair game: berries; branches of small, unripe fruit; vines.

Gloriosa lilies, akebia, and variegated honeysuckle romp across an urnful of garden roses, hypericum berries, and branches of unripe peaches and figs. Terracotta urn, Campo de Fiori.
Still life


Still Life with Goldfish
 Most of my wedding centerpieces are like still lifes, with three containers of different heights at each table. I like things to be rich in texture but not busy, stimulating to look at but not exhausting. The way I achieve that is by arranging things tone on tone and including bouquets of single flowers alongside more elaborate creations. And the fish are the perfect accompaniment." This one includes parrot tulips, begonias, marigolds, rose hips, ash berries, arbutus balls, and bittersweet picked green.

Orange vase, ABC Carpet & Home. Blue vases, Gumps. Fishbowl, Amy Perlin Antiques.