You don't have to be a globe-trotter to bring culture and style into your home. The top buyer for Anthropologie retail stores says you just need a little imagination and touches of good taste.

It's not an accident that most women who shop at Anthropologie stores feel transported to a romantic, foreign land as soon as they walk through the doors. For the past 15 years, Keith Johnson, the 53-year-old buyer-at-large for the home and fashion retailer Anthropologie, has been shopping around the world, bringing back art, furniture and home accessories that help make the store a retail destination for fashionable women. "I think Anthropologie is such a touch-of-the-hand experience," Johnson says. "We really love to be an experiential place. You can go there, really enjoy yourself, not buy a thing and come out with an idea or emotion or inspiration."

Hustling through Parisian flea markets and stopping by South African roadside furniture shops are just a few ways Johnson discovers unique items for the stores. His job is now the focus of the Sundance Channel's reality TV series Man Shops Globe. In between taping the TV show, traveling and shopping, Johnson took a few minutes to share his secrets to creating Anthropologie style in your home.


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