Victoria takes cameras inside her home.

When it comes to creating fabulous interiors, Victoria Hagan is considered one of the best in the business. Architectural Digest named her one of the 100 top designers in the world, and she's worked wonders inside homes across America.

Now, you can recreate Victoria's classic style inside your own home with her line of affordable home accessories—now available at Target! Victoria says she loves mixing luxury items with bargains…and she's not all talk. She invites cameras inside her home to prove that she lives by this philosophy.

Victoria's living space may look lavish, but many of the decorative items scattered throughout the rooms are from Target's Perfect Pieces for the Home collection. In her sunroom, she displays a votive from her spring line, which costs less than $10. She also mixes pillows from her high-end collection with embroidered Target pillows.

In the living room, a $6 vase sits atop an antique table, and chairs covered in Parisian silk rest on a simple sisal rug. "I love juxtaposition," she says.

As a mother of two, Victoria has to consider style and function. To protect her expensive couches from messy spills, she shields them with slipcovers. "If the kids get a little something on it, we throw it in the wash," she says.
Victoria says good design isn't about spending a lot of money.

Interior designers usually cater to wealthy clientele, but Victoria says good design isn't about spending a lot of money.

"[Good design is] about having the things that you love around you, and I wanted that," she says. "I wanted to bring that [to people] and make it affordable for everyone."

When creating her Target collection, which includes everything from end tables to champagne flutes, Victoria says she didn't want customers to worry. "I love that feeling that you're not going to make a mistake. My collection is fool-proof," she says. "All the pieces work together."

Victoria also wants home decorating to be fun for everyone! "We're talking about pillows and bowls and vases," she says. "They're wonderful things that make a difference in your home."
A white box Victoria designed for Target

The secret to creating a fabulous space is simple—it's all in the accessories! Start with a blank canvas and neutral colors. Then, add appeal with items you really love, Victoria says.

Victoria points out a small white box she designed for Target, which rests on a side table. "This is a great place to hide coasters," she says.
Victoria points out her Perfect Pieces vases.

Victoria's Perfect Pieces vases are the ideal vessels for natural elements, like flowers, branches or anything you find in your backyard!

"I am a working mom, and I'm always trying to pull things together quickly," she says. "So when you just go outside and clip a little branch and throw it into a little vase like this, it's just the perfect addition to a room. It brings it to life."

The bud vase costs less than $15, and the larger vase is just $29.99.
Victoria's colorful throw pillows

Colorful throw pillows are the perfect way to liven up a neutral palate. "They're so much fun," Victoria says.

For spring, Victoria chose to decorate with hand-embroidered pillows from her Target line. These blue and green pillows pop against the beige couch. "It was about creating a fresh, new room with different textures and patterns," she says. "And they all can work together."

With more than 50 pieces in Victoria's Target collection, there's a little something for everyone! "Target allows me to create these wonderful pieces for all the women out there in America," she says. "There's nothing more gratifying to me [than] to help people have fun decorating."