Linda and Scott's living room isn't just neutralit's colorless. What's more, the couple can't agree on a decorating scheme. He's high-tech (he has eight remotes!) and she likes the French country look. They've put their trust in Oprah, who now faces the test: Can she find everything to make their room over at Wal-Mart?

"I'm no dummy," jokes Oprah, who recruited award-winning designer Nate Berkus to help. She met up with him in the Wal-Mart paint department. After the pair selected a rich camel hue for the walls, it was off to the fabric and lighting departments. Oprah's favorite pick? Pillows, for an unbelievable $9.88 each.

"Twenty-four hours after our trip to Wal-Mart, I was concerned about my decorating debut," confesses Oprah. She and Nate logged on to, where the store sells its big-ticket items. They selected a leather sofa set, some Mission-style end tables, and a special splurge: a 42-inch plasma-screen television.

The shopping is done, so now it's time to pull it all together! Nate and the hard workers at Case Handyman got rid of the boring white walls, removed the old furniture, and eagerly awaited Linda and Scott's reaction. Here, Nate admits that Scott's massage chair is comfortable...but it's just plain ugly. It's got to go!

That massage chair may be gone, but it's not forgotten. Nate found a massage pad that unrolls. Now Scott can relax in style.

Before, the window was bright and bland.

The addition of double-sided fabric window treatments warms things up!

Remember this eyesore, the black metal stereo cabinet? It's been replaced by a bookshelf that Nate painted.

Linda had made a good effort to work with the oversized mantel, but the look just didn't seem cohesive.

"A big mantel needs big-scaled things," explains Nate. He placed large framed photographs, which work better with the wall space.

The original ceiling was bare and boring. But look at this change

Nate moved the light fixture from the dining room and added ceiling beams from the local lumberyard.

Here's the room before…

…And after! Even Oprah—who hadn't seen the room—was amazed by the transformation. It's a combination of the latest technology and feminine charm.