Twelve-year-old Molly isn't a little girl anymore! Her bedroom was overflowing with hand-me-down furniture and dolls, but Molly thinks it's time for a more grown-up room. Oprah agrees! She sent Nate Berkus to the rescue!

Nate started in Wal-Mart's bedding department to find a bedspread to inspire the look of the entire room. He says the great thing about the print he chose is that it is reminiscent of a little girl, but it's still a sophisticated pattern.

Next, Nate pulled colors and accessories to match the bedspread. Green for the walls, accented with a color Molly loves: purple.

Nate created a custom headboard using wood from a lumber yard and fabric from Wal-Mart. He wrapped the fabric and cotton padding around the wood, then folded it tightly over the side and stapled on the back.

Then, Nate turned plain Wal-Mart furniture into works of art! He painted wood-finished bookcases white, and added details in the accent color.

Want a sophisticated looking lampshade? Try Nate's idea: Glue silk flowers or ribbons to the outside of a plain lampshade.

Nate jokes, "What's great about this is if Molly doesn't like the lampshade, she can use it as a hat!"

The crew turned a plain Wal-Mart computer desk into a custom vanity fit for a budding movie star!

They added a skirt in the accent color to a multi-functional computer desk and hung a mirror above it. Next, they mounted strip lights above the mirror. The finishing touch: an inspirational word painted on the mirror.

Bye-bye bunkbeds! Nate traded Molly's bunk beds for a new single bed with storage drawers underneath. Our little princess will rest her head under a painted crown and a fabulous new headboard.

You've got to love Wal-Mart! Nate and his team accented the room with throw pillows ($9.99 each) covered in fabrics and trim also from Wal-Mart.

The old armoire was a cluttered eyesore and blocked all the light. Molly's dolls and trophies now have a new home in a painted bookcase in a bright area!

No more distracting bookshelves above the desk! Now that Molly has a bookcase, Nate replaced the bookshelf above Molly's desk with clean wall-bracketed floating shelves for her photos. Small decorative boxes on her desktop will help keep Molly organized.

This is Molly's room before...

...And after! Molly loves her new bedroom!