Silver Polish
To clean silver, try a solution of cornstarch and water and an old cotton rag.

Copper Cleaner
My son, a lover of science, brought me this great recipe that works like a charm. Using table salt and a scrubber (one specifically that you can keep for this use), make a paste with white vinegar and scrub away. The chemical reaction shines copper to a sparkling finish. You can also try this trick with a penny. Wear gloves because both the salt and vinegar are irritating to the skin.

Air Freshener
Simply add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil—I like grapefruit or lemon or balsam fir as an air freshener—to an 8-ounce glass sprayer bottle purchased for this use. Fill three-quarters to the top with water and then add one-quarter witch hazel.

Carpet Freshener
To add scent to the air while you vacuum, add a few tablespoons of dried lavender flowers to your vacuum bag. Every time you turn it on, your vacuum will smell fresh.

Wood Conditioner
For my kitchen cutting block, which can dry out with so much use, I condition it using coconut oil. It is safe, effective and does not go rancid or get sticky like some cooking oils do. And I have zero concerns about it touching my food.

Drain Cleaner
A bit of baking soda and some vinegar down the drain will deodorize and also amuse your little ones with a mini volcano. Although it may decrease grease in the pipes, you should make it a practice to never pour grease down the drain. All liquid and solid fats should be poured into a container like a soup can and then thrown away in the garbage.

Stainless Steel Polisher
First clean your fridge or oven or appliances with a vinegar and water solution. Once dry, add a dab of olive oil to a dry cloth and rub onto the stainless steel in circular motions.

From Detox Your Home. Copyright © 2018 by Christine Dimmick. Excerpted with permission by Rowman & Littlefield.


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