Front door

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Start at the Door
Your front door is the main focal point for curb appeal, so make sure it sparkles with welcome. Repaint or refinish the surface, polish hardware and touch up surrounding trim. You can also update your front door by installing a new handle and locks.
Front door entry

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Accessorize the Entry
Freshen your home's first impression with an up-to-date doormat, a stylish address plate or new house numbers, and a brand new mailbox. Frame the look with containers featuring bright, seasonal blooms.
Home with yard lights

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Light the Way
Illuminate the approach to your abode with an easy-to-install path lighting kit. If porch lighting looks tired, replace fixtures with modern classics that have the wattage to enhance safety and highlight facade features.
Yard with pink flowers

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Add Seasonal Color
Strategic plantings add interest, create new focal points in landscaping and contribute to curb appeal. Shop for species that are native to your climate zone and are drought-resistant. If deer and other creatures dwell nearby, ask your local nurseryman about plants that woodland neighbors won't devour at first bloom.
Lush lawn

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Keep the Lawn Lush
For green throughout the season, reseed your lawn's rough patches and fertilize with a timed-release formula. An irrigation system driven by a digital timer helps create a water-wise routine, and slightly reducing your turf's footprint can make maintenance easier if you're faced with drought conditions.

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