1. Think vertically

These wall-mounted mason jars hold at-the-ready spices, utensils and other miscellaneous items, freeing up valuable kitchen counter space.

2. Look even further up…

Container lids drilled into the bottom of a floating shelf keeps jars filled with breakfast cereal, as shown here, as well as snacks and pantry ingredients tidy and organized. Simply unscrew and use as needed.

3. …And don't forget to look down too


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There's no need for less frequently used items, like tools and batteries, to clutter up your cabinets. Tuck them under your floorboards—out of sight, but always within reach.

4. Get creative with closet space

We'll try this for for a while. I used some hardware meant for a sliding drawer, hung it from the underside of the counter surface, and suspended a metal rod from that so the clothes can slide out. This way the clothes don't jut out into the room. Hanging clothes take up a lot of room! I figured out if I loop my dresses around the hanger in a certain way they don't touch the floor... But they might get wrinkly and defeat the purpose of hanging them? We'll see. I would like to try to put some doors on there soon to clean it up a bit more. I really don't know how we could make the wardrobe smaller... I feel like lot of tiny houses have barely any closet for clothes. What to you other tinyhouser do? I know we need to keep reducing, but we are both not naturally minimalists, so it's a constant struggle!

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With the use of hardware from a sliding drawer and two metal rods, this blogger created a makeshift closet underneath a counter that allows her to efficiently store her clothes and slide them out with ease.

5. Stack and slide

Narrow kitchen cabinet space? No problem. Three tiers of slide-out basket racks maximizes storage for cans and jars.

6. Multitask in your sleep

Taking underbed drawers to the next level, this bed lifts up to reveal and provide easy access to your clothes and linens.

7. Step it up

Stairs with built-in cubbies are a clever use of unused space and can house extra books or kitchen supplies.

8. Hang it up

Keep your electronics and wires off your countertops and floors by using a hanging storage pouch like this fabric one, which has several sizes of compartments for organizing all your gadgets.

9. Put your nooks and crannies to good use

A thin rod, short basket and wall hooks is all it took to transform this narrow space into a mini closet for storing coats, toiletries, linens, an iron and even a vacuum cleaner.

10. Reassess your furniture

This smart work area easily folds down into a stand-alone shelf to preserve living space when not being used.

11. Think outside the box

Instead of a traditional cat bed, this floor-space-saving basket-turned-bed is mounted to the wall and lined with a cozy blanket for your cat's comfort.


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