crackers worst foods for brain

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What the FDA Outlawed in 2015

Likely sources: Deep-fried treats, the crackers you always have in the house and, of course, fast food.

What they have in common: Artificial trans fats, which are such unequivocal bad news that the FDA told U.S. food manufacturers to get the most common form of them (partially hydrogenated oils) out of their products within the next three years.

Science says: These fats could do a number on your memory. The more trans fatty acids people consumed, the worse they performed on a word-recall test, found a study in PLOS One. High consumption of them is also linked to smaller brain volume and aggression and irritability.

The amount it's okay to eat: Ideally none. So until that three-year compliance period is up, watch out for partially hydrogenated oils on nutrition labels.