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A shot now could help later

There are two types of lines on the face: dynamic (which are created when you move muscles making facial expressions); and, static (which are visible all the time), says Quenby Erickson, a doctor of osteopathic medicine at Erickson Cosmetic Dermatology in Chicago, who is also a fellow of the American College of Mohs Surgery and the American Academy of Dermatology. While dynamic lines are normal (you move your face!), repeated movements can break down collagen and etch them in over time, making them permanent, static lines. If you can catch them while they're still developing and not yet permanent, by using Botox or Dysport early on, you'll need fewer treatments of it as you age. Plus, research in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery suggests that Botox injections can also improve skin collagen, thereby enhancing the skin’s appearance and providing more long-term results.

Erickson advises her patients to use Botox or Dysport in the frown muscles between the brows. "This can completely prevent those lines from forming and keep people looking more relaxed and approachable." If you're thinking of trying a treatment, there's no golden rule for when to start, she says, but you may consider your first injection as early as in your 20s, if you're noticing the start of lines. Of course, it's never too late, either. Addressing fine lines is easier than addressing lines that have become deeper wrinkles, because you'll generally need less Botox less often to maintain your results. So if you don't give those wrinkles a chance to form, it will take less work to try to correct them.
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