gluten free weight loss myth

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Myth No. 4: Going gluten-free is a surefire way to drop a dress size.

The Truth: People tend to cut out carbohydrates when they go gluten-free, and if you do that, there's a good chance you will drop pounds initially because you'll likely be consuming fewer calories, says Koff. However, two other things will also happen. "You're probably going to be cranky and low on energy," she says. The result? You'll be less likely to move your body (which will slow your metabolism) and more likely to reach for sugar-filled, calorie-dense, gluten-free baked goods for a pick-me-up. On top of that, cutting an entire food group from your diet isn't very sustainable—which means there's a good chance you'll gain the weight back when you inevitably start eating carbs again.

Keep This in Mind Too: If you're among the people who really can't tolerate gluten (whether you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance or sensitivity) make sure you have one serving of carbs every time you eat, says Koff. That'll help keep your energy up and make your eating plan doable in the long run. "Carbs don't have to come in the form of bread or even grains," she says. There are plenty of starchy vegetables that contain carbs (hummus counts, too).